Introducing Aurum

An electronic workflow and compliance tool for pharmaceutical companies to help ensure that their documentation is compliant and any promotional material related to their products meets necessary regulatory guidelines

Features include the ability to monitor, audit and review documents, store comments, make edits, assure version control and provide the required certification to validate all marketing materials

Aurum can be integrated into companies’ networks and can be tailored to meet different international and regional regulations

How it works

Easily set-up, installed and integrated into any existing network with Office 365, allowing you to harness the benefits of a robust and reliable electronic approval system

Added peace of mind by storing a detailed audit trail on any marketing related document, including comments, back-up files and certification

Use anywhere, with any device, at any time, with the comfort of integrated security. It is compatible with multiple operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS and Android

Why Aurum?

Enables complete compliance control, minimising the risk of potential regulatory breaches

Designed to work in today’s mobile and remote working environment, it is fully intuitive, allowing users to fulfil their compliance approval demands

Using Microsoft’s data and system security, Aurum provides strong cyber-security protection

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